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Callie is a leading marine conservation biologist and voice for nature who inspires and influences high-impact conservation measures, using collaborative scientific research initiatives, with a focus on marine turtles and ecosystems, to connect indigenous and marginalized communities with government agencies to propose and achieve paramount environmental protections and advancements in the global recognition of the intrinsic Rights of Nature.

Callie is a National Geographic Explorer, Scientist with the United Nations Harmony with Nature Programme, and the Founder and Executive Director of The Leatherback Project. 

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^Watch the CBS News Saturday Morning Feature on the Rights of Nature!^
Sea Turtles, Rights of Nature, and the Right to a Safe Working Environment with Callie Veelenturf
Environmental Professionals Radio Podcast

Sea Turtles, Rights of Nature, and the Right to a Safe Working Environment with Callie Veelenturf

Listen to the full episode & view transcripts here: Welcome back to Environmental Professionals Radio, Connecting the Environmental Professionals Community Through Conversation, with your hosts Laura Thorne and Nic Frederick!  On today’s episode, we talk with Callie Veelenturf, marine biologist, conservationist and National Geographic Explorer about Sea Turtles, Rights of Nature, and the Right to a Safe Working Environment.   Read her full bio below. Help us continue to create great content! If you’d like to sponsor a future episode hit the support podcast button or visit   2:00  Nic & Laura discuss women in STEM 7:32 Interview with Callie Veelenturf Starts 9:21  Sea Turtles 13:07  Rights of Nature 18:48  Right to a Safe Work Environment 26:05  Current Projects Please be sure to ✔️subscribe, ⭐rate and ✍review. This podcast is produced by the National Association of Environmental Professions (NAEP). Check out all the NAEP has to offer at . Connect with Callie Veelenturf at Guest Bio: Callie Veelenturf is a marine biologist, conservationist and National Geographic Explorer. She is the Founder and Executive Director of a nonprofit organization called The Leatherback Project and launched an international conservation advocacy campaign called Rights for Nature. Callie is also a 2020 National Geographic Society Early Career Leader, United Nations Youth Representative and Fellow for The Explorers Club, and a Young Professional with the United Nations Harmony with Nature Programme. She is actively working in the field in Panama with local communities and government agencies to document new sea turtle foraging and nesting grounds in the Pearl Islands Archipelago and in Ecuador to reduce unsustainable fisheries bycatch. She works to bridge the gap between science and policy and is collaborating with senators in Panama on new marine conservation legislation.  Music Credits Intro: Givin Me Eyes by Grace Mesa Outro: Never Ending Soul Groove by Mattijs Muller Support the show (
Noticias en Panama
Restoring our Relationship with Keystone Species (Earth Law Center)
Nature Positive

Restoring our Relationship with Keystone Species (Earth Law Center)

How we honor Nature determines how we protect keystone species that shape entire ecosystems. Restoring our relationship with biodiversity requires a shift from resource extraction to recognizing responsibilities and rights This event will emphasize the urgency for protecting keystone species and their vital roles in ecosystems and in climate mitigation and adaptation. Experts in conservation science, government and policy will amplify solutions to center a relationship of care and responsibilities for keystone species into our legal, governance and economic systems, by reflecting on the ways in which we value and relate to biodiversity. Recognizing the rights of keystone species and adopting Rights of Mother Earth in the framework text and rare opportunities for solutions to many of the planetary threats we face, and for humanity and biodiversity to mutually flourish. Speakers Oscar Soria: Oscar Soria is the Campaign Director for Avaaz, a unique platform that pursues large-scale social change. Oscar is a political activist, social journalist, and environmental and human rights campaigner and previously served as the Director of Media at World Wildlife Fund. Julia Jackson: Julia is the Founder of Grounded and Co-founder of Keystone Species Alliance. After experiencing profound loss due to the degradation of the environment, Julia has committed her life to identifying and amplifying necessary solutions and building a community that can mitigate the worst impacts of the climate crisis. Vera Urtaza: Vera holds an International Relations degree from National Autonomous University of Mexico, and has worked for the World Council of Peoples for the UN since 2017. A Co-founder of Keystone Species Alliance, she is also a specialist in climate change, peace, security, human rights, sustainable development, and climate change negotiations. Callie Veelenturf: Callie is a marine conservation biologist, National Geographic Explorer, and founder of The Leatherback Project. She holds a B.S. in marine biology, an M.S. in biology, and is a PhD candidate in marine biology. Callie proposed the Rights of Nature law in Panama that passed this year. Óscar Rebora: Óscar is the Undersecretary of Ecology and Environment of the State of Quintana Roo, Mexico, Sea Shepherd’s Representative in Cancun and Puerto Morelos, the Former Chief of Staff of the Commission of Natural Resources and Climate Change of the Mexican Senate and an environmental activist. Rachel Bustamante: Rachel is a Conservation Science & Policy Analyst at Earth Law Center. Her research and advocacy focus is on the intersection of biodiversity conservation, Ocean policy, and global environmental governance. She promotes justice and holistic solutions including the Rights of Nature and is a GYBN member.
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